i have been playing the guitar for 6 month now , i can read and understand some of the music note. I have problem with my ears its like i'm deff or sometihng i mean i cant by play any thing by listening i have to read notes or tabs to play any song no matter how simple the song is . i know there is something wrong with me or maybe i'm not talented enugh but is there any thing i can do to improve my ears , im not looking for magical ways or anything i know that i have to practice more and stuff i do that for my fingers but how can i train my ears so hopfuly i can write tabs oneday lol
Me too.
Learning to tune by ear has helped me a bit, but not much.
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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...
I thot the same wen i started playing, but, although it sounds a bit ominous it does all come together.
The way I trained my ear was trying to learn whole new songs without tabs just by listening to songs, after a while you can guess where the notes are, like pokescab said your brain will remember where each note is
i think i started tuning my guitar by ear and understanding what people were playing when listening to a song when i was past the first year mark of playing.

It soon comes together in your mind. One day you'll listen to a song and go: "Hang on...i know what they're playing!"

give it time.