I was just thinking: Could you teach yourself to play left-handed instead of right-handed? Just thought I'd share it with you guys and see wut u thought...

i think you could, but it would take loads and loads of practice, it be like learning the gutiar all over again
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Um, I'm sure with enough practice and time you probably could..

Don't see why anyone would want to though.
totally learnable. A bassist i know is left handed but couldnt find a left handed bass so he just learn to play on a right. IM F^CKING RIGHT!
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Well obviously you can learn it...but why? I am lefthanded and I get repeatedly ****ed in the ass by guitar companies when I buy lefthanded guitars...Gibson has a huge jack up rate.
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Yeah, I've tried it, but it's hard to get my arm coordinations reversed.

But you could probably learn it after awhile.
My friend is left handed and plays right handed all the time. He also plays drums right handed. I think the way you originally learn to do it that determines how you will play. I'm not 100% though.
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Its learnible.

Get yourself a double neck guitar and bust out Michael Angelo Batio.
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Well I am ambidextrous, and I can play like MAB, sure, it is good for you learning both, just make sure you also periodically play the righty so you don't lose the skills.

It is also good learning left handed because in case there is something wrong with your guitar or hands etc, then you can switch to lefty, besides, you will also woo the crowds.

BTW, do you know where I can buy a double neck guitar like Michael Angelo Batio? With a neck on each side.
um, why the heck would you want to play leftie anyway???

you'd have to practice a TON. It would almost be like a new instrument. I think it's totally pointless but do what you like.
I don't think it would be that hard. The hardest part would be picking, which really wouldn't be that hard. Righties are more coordinated with their right, so fretting wouldn't be a problem. I've played my friend's left-handed guitar and I was just a little slower, but it wasn't really that hard of a transition. What's weird, is that my friend a righty, but chose to play left, and he was able to pick up speed very quickly.
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Im left handed and I play a right handed guitar. It seems easier because left handed people are more coordinated with their left hand, which is on the fretboard. Ive never understood why right handed guitars are more dominant, it would make sence is right handed people played left handed guitars and vise versa.
i injured my left hand so i flipped my guiatr strings over and taught myself to play lefthanded its possible, but it takes time
My bands drummer who is also a guitarist, taught himself how to play left handed. I tried and it was really hard. I also didnt have the patience to learn at the time.
I am a right handed player but I can do insane vibratos if I flip over my guitar so that my right hand is my fretting hand. No matter how much I practice my vibratos never sound as good with my left hand. I also have a lot more control over my right hand and can fret chords pretty desently despite the fact that i always use my left hand to fret.

I kind of don't understand why right handed players use their left hand to fret. I always thought that fretting was harder than picking. Anyways I'm seriously starting to think about switching over to a lefty guitar, I feel that starting over might be worth the extra effort in the long run. Any one else feels this way?
Classical guitar, in the classical rules, is always fretted left hand no matter if you are right or left dominant. So it should be possible
Eric Sardinas is left handed, but ever since he started learning he has played righty. He still writes and stuff lefty though.
well I have nails on my right hand, so playing lefty wouldn't really work for me
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lol you wanna be more like zacky vengaence dont you

Thats one of the reasons...my band is doing covers of A7X i think it would be sweet to do and all.

better start peracticing now..but ill prolly stay righty..Plus it just looks cool and goes against the norm beong lefty.
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better start peracticing now..but ill prolly stay righty..Plus it just looks cool and goes against the norm beong lefty.

Quit guitar.
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Quit guitar.

never being in a band and doing good is about 2 things: 1) the sound has to be good 2) the image..gotta look cool while u play :P
kurt cobain is right handed and plays left handed.
mark knopfler is left handed and plays right handed.
must be possible...
Fretting isn't harder than picking, fyi.
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well I have nails on my right hand, so playing lefty wouldn't really work for me

Aye, same here. I would think that learning to play a righty guitar as a lefty wouldn't be too hard, but then, I'm not a lefty.