i was thinking about finally getting a new guitar and i cant decide on one. I like to play heavy metal mostly.

So i was thinking either the schecter elite, schecter hellraiser, or a peavey V-type with tremolo. Tell me what you think would be the better chocie.

And if you have a better seggestion i'd be glad to here it, but i would like to stay in the $750-$1000 price range

Hellraiser c1 FR.
Best metal guitar Ive ever heard for under 1000. Loomis from nevermore uses a c1, So does one of the A7x guitarists. Its got active EMG's, an original floyd rose, Great frets, A comfortable neck and a kickass finish.
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ditto. ^ i like schecters, but some guys like ibanez's necks better.

and X2 what amp.

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head only, i have a peavey speaker cabinate with it

but for the hellraiser would i have to replace the pickups, or are they good enough for heavy metal as it is
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