ok i have a problema now, cause y have been learning guitar with my acoustic since last year`s december, so im not bad, but i dont know anything about theory.
I tought(sp??) i was going to buy an electric like the next year or something but i had an opportunity that i could not leave pass, an electric for less than 30 dollars (not bad, but i know i could never have this chance again).
I now i dont know what to do, cause i almost dont have time to practice with the acoustic and now i have to practise with both cause i dont want to leave my acoustic
So waht do u recomend? how should i organize myself, should I play practice one day whit acoustic and next with electric, or maybe an hour and one hour, or just do what i feel?
Cause im still a noob and have many things to learn from both

play with whatever you feel like at the time, if you can play acoustic you can play electric and vice versa so if you practise on one you will be good at the other
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Before you practice guitar, practice english.
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Before you practice guitar, practice english.


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just do an every other day type thing.
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I don't see why it matters so much. I mean, if you feel like you're cheating on your acoustic, then why care?

Unlike women, it can't bitch at you for not playing with it.

[/ joke ]

So anyways, acoustic and electric can be considered two different styles. Think of playing both as well...broadening your horizons.