Can anyone recommend some good death/doom metal bands that don't involve Satanism and gore and all that ****? That may sound like an oxymoron, I know. I love the sound of death metal, yet I am not a Satanist and I find names like "Dismembered Fetus" and "Bloodgasm" disgusting. Some of that is ok. I love Dimmu Borgir and Bloodbath for instance. They are bad ass songs that rely on creativity and musicianship and melody rather than shock value and blood and guts. Yet, all these death metal bands get so repetitive sometimes I think they just write about Satan and dying babies to look bad ass and scare people. Its cheesy and disgusting with no purpose. I don't want to hear some dumbass grunt about eviscerating people while banging their guitar on their head.

How about some good quality death metal that actually requires talented musicians with lyrics that don't involve gore for gore's sake. Take Opeth for example. Enough said.

Any recommendations? Just name me some good bands that stick out to you.
psycroptic, nile, meshuggah are all awesome without being disgusting.
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You mean Dying Fetus and Gorgasm? Meh.

Try My Dying Bride. November's Doom too maybe?

No, actually. There are other bands called Dismembered Fetus and Bloodgasm, though much less well known. Hence, my repetitiveness comment. LOL.