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Hello all, this is my original, it's just, AMAZING

The song's an instrumental, and it rocks MAJORLY

Feel Free to cover it, It really can't be kept to myself, it's too good XD but please, give me credit, I wrote it ^^

I think...well, I never heard another song like it yet x.x

yeah, enjoy!
Gibson LP
DF-7 Foot Peddle
Uh, what? This is a really basic riff played over and over again. I'm not saying it's bad, but it needs a lot more to be a real work of art.
eh, it's not for the skill, it's for the catchy sound, I'm working on a more complex type x.x

Besides, it's the best I've written (the only I've written XD)
Gibson LP
DF-7 Foot Peddle
its not bad, but it needs more then just one riff. It got annoying by the end of the song.

Arent you not supposed to post polls on this forum too?