Poll: Is slapping normal guitar strings bad for them?
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It's way bad. Stop.
3 17%
Who cares? Sounds cool!
7 39%
Never tried it.
3 17%
It should be ok.
5 28%
Voters: 18.
Perhaps this is in the wrong forum, but here I go. Is using bass playing methods such as slapping your strings bad for guitars other than basses? I slap my strings all the time, but some people say its bad for the strings.

i'm not too sure thats its bad for the strings, but even if it is its worth changing strings more than once every year to be able to put cool techniques into your playing. of course you should be changing strings more than once a year anyway.
Er, slapping bad for a bass? I'm pretty sure it's done more on bass than guitar, unless you mean something different.
i love to slap my guitar for the highend funkness, its like my guitar funk styke.

now popping, thats dangerous.
Reggie wooten plays some slap guitar.. so it can be done, also it can sound awesome when done well. but sometimes it can sound like utter crap.

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It's difficult, but I slap and pop on my acoustic guitar all the time. it's not bad for the strings at all.