I met one of their bass players, who goes by the name David Z; he and his brother Paulie are in a hard rock band, ZO2, that are out of NYC. Been down to see them a couple times. They put on a great show. I've never seen a bassist move around so much.
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yeah, they have some awesome tracks. most of their stuff i find is only good if you listen to it as whole albums, which is how you should listen to music. i'd love to see em live, damn you SG!
Want to see them live so much. I only have Beethoven's Last Night, want to get more soon. Maybe around Christmas time.
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It's just that I might not respond
i love TSO. for the past 3 years i've organized x-mas shows at my school, and we always end up playing some TSO in the show. fun stuff to play too
I have this song called Nutcracker Suite and I don't think thats the original name of it...can anyone tell me the real name of it? thanks
I almost went to see them when they were down here. Rockin' carols, yo.
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