Just bored and felt like writing, don't share much of what I write so go easy on me

We made a Journey, trecherous and long,
to escape fuedal societies where we didn't belong.
We arrived on these shores with nothing but hope,
but the newfound freedom gave us strength to cope.
Life was tough, we worked hard to succeed,
We started a democracy and planted the seed.
We made laws to protect us, and built schools to teach,
We had hospitals, doctors, and people to preach.
We overcame our divisions of many into one,
but it wasn't enough, for our work wasn't done.
We protected our freedoms in many different wars,
and we defend it today on far away shores.
we have let the aristocrats back in our land,
the ones we escaped from, I don't understand?
we have let them get away with lies and theft,
while they get rich, and the good have nothing left.
When the people that fight for OUR freedom return,
Ther're rewarded with hatred and flags that burn.
the democracy we started from a small seed,
has been overcome by many a terrible weed.
the laws that we had to protect us all,
Well, the rich buy lawyers, and the poor just fall.
the faith and belief in god is now gone,
for fear of offending, this is just wrong.
The doctors and teachers that do their best,
are appreciated by few and sued by the rest.
But the biggest dissapointment that happened to us,
is we're more divided now than that day on the bus.
it's intresting but not lyrics, the idea's are there but it's prose still.
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