today i just picked up a tokai love rock guitar...its a gibon LP copy, made in korea

does anyone know anything about this guitar?...the guy at my local shop said it was all mahogony, can someone please clarify? a link to all the specs would be nice...i couldnt find a real tokai site, just this registry thing...

if its any help, the serial number is 0300619
You should google it. but from what i gather, all it is a asian copy brand.

Tokai was popular in the 80's for making cheap replicas, but never got big cuz they didnt start exporting till late 80' early 90's.

But im not to sure about the quality.

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Tokai's are supposed to be like Agiles. I've heard they're pretty good.
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I've heard the same thing, supposedly great guitars.
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I played a Tokai Love Rock at Steve's Music in Toronto and it was a very nice guitar. It had great looks with Gibson-correct styling and great-sounding powerful humbuckers.

The only thing I didn't like was how they had so much text printed on the back of the headstock. It was like an essay about where the guitar was built and under what trademark. This wouldn't stop me from buying the guitar though.

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Tokai's are one of the greatest and most sought after MIJ copy brand guitars. Check which one you have, and how much did you get it for? Cause they can run a bit high sometimes on ebay.
depends what model your looking at. Their MIK ones was nothing special, all hype or i got a bad unit. And the price isnt that good as well for the mik, for the same price you could easily get a better guitar. For their higher end series i dont know much didnt try before.
Oh yeah, there are lower end tokais made out of NATO, plywood. Anyway do you have any idea which model is that? ls70 or 75 and above are maghony for this year line of production i think.
i have no clue exactly what model it is, it didnt come with any manual or any specifications, on the headstock it says Love Rock, and on the back it has the serial number and that it was made in korea...the guy at the store said it was solid mahogony...

anyways, im really enjoying it, im playing it through a peavey valveking 112, and it sounds amazing, a very smooth playing neck...it looks almost exactly like a gibson, right down to the headstock...i had a choice between this guy, or an epi LP standard, and i just loved the tone of this one...its so much better than an epi...id recommend it to any one

o and...i bought it for $500 canadian
very sweet MIJ Tokai is quality, I got this one for $200 of a Canadian store on ebay and it plays well, very loud pronounced tone and is every bit as thick and heavey as a Les Paul. I believe its made in teh same Korean factory as LTDs as it has the same ESP LP shape and thickness as the LTD EC400AT. The zebra pups have good output but prob need a change. I gave it to my son for his Bday. Grover tuning keys and LP standard inlays and I love the headstock
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