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i've been playing blues for a bit now and i was wondering if there were any other scales used than minor pentatonic/blues
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I use Mixolydian and Dorian a fair bit.

Some guys use some pretty dissonant scales, especially over the V7, like the Superlocrian. That's kind of jazz/blues, though.
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Learn the major and mixolydian scales and try to teach yourself to incorpate them with the blues scales into your improvising and soloing. Also remember to be able to play it in the same key from the 5th string (2nd position).

Here's the pentatonic for the mixolydian, it's in the key of D. The major you can find anywhere.

It'll take a long time to learn how to properly blend them together and when they should be blended. But once you get the hang of it there'll be no bounds to your improvising.

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Do you mean blues or the jazz blues form?
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Well I guess the mixolydian scale can make it jazzier
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whatever feels right. hell, you could use a major scale if u add some notes to it. its all feeling. feel when to bend, when to vibrato, and what scale. just chill and play what feels right brotha!
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altered scale can be fun to play with: 1, b9, #9, b5, #5, b7 i think. works over most dom7 chords with altered added notes, like 7#9, 7b9, etc.
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If your just playing generic blues, I would add some major pentatonic, mixolydian, and chromatic passing tones.

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