I am so angry. my freaking dog chewed off the top of my guitar. my neck is cut short, strings are hanging. my freaking dog ate the tuning pegs!!! dumb dog! anyone else have horror stories to help ease my pain?
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no but i feel for u hahahahaha thats halarious tho
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Take your dog to the vet. Now.
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castrate the little bastard
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That's why you keep your guitar up where pets can't reach it. And in a hardcase.

Oh, take comfort in knowing that those tuning pegs have to come out of the dog. That will probably be punishment enough for him.

Next time, keep your guitar up where your pets can't get it.
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my guitar has never been completely broken but it has a VERY large amount of scratches and dents, once a whole piece of the veneer(sp?) came off the front. Super glue saved me though.
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Back in my day, when you smashed a guitar, it stayed smashed.

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