Truth to Dare

Discovering that some people and some lives are different and are lies. Being beaton from and unknown and lied about life.

Hey, pay your time, give up black-heart run-away
Hey, pay your mind, give up what you need the most
So hey, you?re the stray, straying around a solitude
Hey, seize the day, make it yours and want you will

Treat you like a horse in the barn, never ending pain that you?re unfed
Give you no remorse with some harm, so give the sympathy that you bed

Oooh, never needing, never complaining
Cause you know that good will come to
Oooh, but you don?t know, that you?re the slave
And nobody wants to love you

I can see it in your eyes, I created your alibis
I knew that you wanted some peace to be
I know it, I can hear, and I an see it in you tears
So don?t you wish it were me?
Your truth is really the dare

Hey, I?m your grave, you?ll come sooner than you think
Hey, you better behave, or I?ll make sure you?ll feel the most
So hey, make a rhyme, maybe it?ll just help you die
Hey, keep away, I don?t want you to feel like life is torture

Poor old man, like a dog in the rain, left at the front porch, let me breathe
So make a stand and the faith you?ll gain, let the fire burn down the relevant

Guitar solo
Sounds pretty much like a modern rock song. 7/10.
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Was good.

Only thing I can say is I didn't really like the couplets before the pre-chorus, especially the first, it kind of created a dulling of the mood after an upbeat start, what with all the heys etc.

Sounds like you know your music to this aswell, which is good.

Keep it up. 8/10.
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im not to sure about the pre chorus but apart from that great good luck with the riffs and stuff
I have been aware of both the couplets and the pre-chorus both first and second times and I'm "iffy" about them. It's a modern rock type or style but I made it heavy.