when i started playing powerchords i just used my first and third fingers to play them but a mate from school said i should use my 1st, 3rd and 4th fingers to play them instead of just using my third to hold 2 notes. so which way is better i find it easier the just use 2 fingers so should i swap or stay with my preferred fingering
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use whatever feels best, I use 134 but a lot of people just use 2 fingers, whatever is best for you, really.
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I find 1,3,4 gives you better tones and control but for faster playing i find using 2 fingers works better. Personally I use my 1 and 4 all the time.
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^i'm with him, two different fingerings each with their own uses. now go learn some jazz chords, biatch!
When you move on to barre chords from power chords, if you've only used 1 and 3, then making barre chords is quite difficult, as barring the A and D (Or D and G) with just your 3rd finger, without muting the G (Or B) string can be quite difficult, or at least I find that.

I used to do power chords with my 3rd but I'm starting to do them with 1, 3 and 4 now because that's how I play barre chords.
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I use either my 1st and 4th finger or 1st and 3rd depends where the songs going next.
I prefer using 1,3, and 4 - And i think this gives u generally a better tone. and more control, also can be used for barre cords
I do it over the full 3 strings.
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I used to use 1,2,3 actually....I switched because it really stretched out your fingers...now I use 1,3,4.
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I used to use 1,2,3 actually....I switched because it really stretched out your fingers...now I use 1,3,4.

I'm trying to learn to do it with 1 and 2, but I don't think my fingers are quite flexible enough.
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Do whatever you're comfortable with. Changing now could just confuse you. Play with two fingers if you're used to it.
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When playing in front of people, I vary my fingering (1,2,3 and 1,3,4 and 1,3,3 and muting the fret withmy first finger and using the above formation still, 1,2,4 and 1,3). This is good fun because if there's no tricky parts to the song, this is the best show-boating you can do really.