Just a question on scales. I am fairly new to playing guitar but after a fair bit of practice my cordination is getting good and I am much better at finding my way around the fretboard. So the question is....Do I now need to learn lots of scales to be able to do some good solos? or....Can I just bounce around the fretboard just knowing which notes sound good together? I have recently found a few places that I prefer playing but these are not recognised scale boxs. Would someone like Kurt Cobain have used scales for his solo in Teen Spirit which must be done in atleast two or three different scales or did he just know what sound he wanted and knew which notes sounded that way?


knowing your scales makes improvising and writing solo's much easier. They're more of guidelines than actual rules.

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The solo of Teen Spirit is played in one scale, just different positions

I suggest learning (to apply) the major scale and its modes, pentatonic major/minor, harmonic and melodic minor (and modes of those)
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Just adding to what elvenkindje said, you should also learn the blues scales(an expansion of the minor pentatonic). Just playing basics, learn 1 that you can slide up and down the fretboard to play in the different keys. it'll have u being able to do basic impro/solos in no time.
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whats more iportant than learning the scales is learning how they are formed and what they sound like... only then will you have a full understanding

however some people stick to not learning scales

its all opinion but personally i would learn them
Learn the 12 bar blues and the minor scale and it will help your soloing insanely. The major scale is very important also because you learn chord theory with it. That chord theory can be applied to piano ect... The chord theory allows you to know any bar chord instantly. Also, make sure that you know your notes so that you dont look like a dumbass when soloing. The major scale also has a pattern on starting on the 5th string which will help you move around the fretboard alot more and inprove your solos.