Hey im going to go ahead and order everything that I need to put in my new switch but im not exactly sure what all I need. So can someone lay me out an outline of everything that I need to install a 3 way tele style switch onto my strat? And incase your wondering why im doing it, its because my strat as of right now is a H/S setup with two volumes and one master tone and instead of having kill switches on my 5 way id like to just have a 3 way.
^^I just need whatever it takes to install a tele switch. Would I just need the switch or is there something else that I would need?
Ohh. A tele switch is exactly the same as a strat switch, in appearence, and how it mounts.
These go to eleven...
oh ok, so i wont need to buy anything diff? cuz i thought that on a tele the switch only has 3 positions while a strat has 5? or did i just misunderstand everything you said? lol
Yeah, you got it right, just a strat switch has an extra position between each throw, connecting two throws at once. It's complicated, but they look the same.
These go to eleven...