My Fender Strat has two tone knobs on it, i never put much thought into what they actually do - how they alter the sound?

Can anyone help me out here?

It gives it a more trebly sound, it sound really good when you have a clean tone, bridge pickup and the tones to about four or five.
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Doesn't it have something to do with changing the capacitors around the pickup that control how much energy comes out of it? thus changing the sound? But yeah. You can achieve certain sounds by turning the knobs to certain numbers. Just mess aroud with it and see what you like.

(Telecasters only have 1, think of it like this, the 0 gives a deeper, more southern rock type of sound and the 10 gives it more of a punch, like for playing power chords or rhytymyhhym(spelling)?)
^ yea, the actual electronics are called pots, which is short for potentiometer. There basically, variable resistors which resist the flow of electricity, thus altering the signal going to the amp.

Squier tone knobs dont actually work that well, if at all.
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It reduces the volume of higher frequencies as you turn it down, in a passive circuit you can't boost anything.

You have two Tone knobs, one for the neck pickup, and one for the middle.

Unfortunately, on Strats there is no tone control for the bridge pickup, unless you take matters into your own hands as I did.
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