Before you read, this is pretty long. It is broken down into sections. It is not ALL about shred guitar. Youll learn lots of things if you are a beginner.

1. So everyone is fussing about who's a faster and who's a better guitarist and stuff.
The conversation would be something like "He does 18.3 nps and he does 16.5 nps therefore, 18.3 nps is faster, so that guitarist is faster!" (nps = notes per second) I mean how the **** do you measure .3 of a note?

2. Improvisations nowadays aren't as cool as before. Since before seemed more natural and clean. Also it's not improv if its different parts of many songs put together. I heard lots of people record 'improv' tracks and you could hear licks from famous songs. But yeah improv is improvising, not playing licks from your favorite guitarists.

3. People worry about how they play, hold the pick, where they position their fretting hand, etc. First of all, just hold it how you are comfortable. If you shred, alt pick. If you dont shred, alt pick. I've never seen anyone who holds their pick and adjusts how it is put into their fingers. It should just come natural. Different techniques change how you hold the pick and different techniques and positions on the fretboard change how you hold the neck of the guitar. Dont you feel like saying to people "just shut up and play?"

4. Metronomes and timing. Lots of people recommend it. If youre gonna write a song, its useful. If you come up with a lick/phrase that sounds cool, you have to find out the timing/tempo of it to work off of it to construct a song. And if you are learning a fast song, DONT EXPECT TO PLAY IT FAST FIRST. Any guitarist has the potential to play anything they want to. Just build up speed.

4 1/2. Playing fast is like lifting weights, you dont bench 300 pounds to start off, you start off slowly and less weight. Therfore when playing guitar, dont play anything fullspeed until you got it down 1/2 speed and 3/4 speed.

5. Sweep picking and tapping. Hmm this is a big talk. Sweeping is used alot and can be used for anything. Tapping is good if you can be make it sound nice. If you are jamming the tapped note while your fretting hand cant keep up, it wont sound too nice.

6. I see so many people on the internet, youtube, google video, places, anywhere with a JEM. And of course it is over $2000 since it is a Steve Vai signature model. And getting a good guitar doesn't make you a good guitarist. Its a waste of money if you just play for fun. Itd be smarter to get better gear (amp, preamp, compressor, and a better video recording camera) if you are going to record yourself playing a JEM that sounds like **** through a horrible amp and PLUS the poor poor video quality.

7. A lot of fans ask their favorite guitarists BUNCH of questions. Things that shouldnt be asked. Things like "what do you do to warm up" "what's your pick thickness" "are you faster than ____" it goes on. I mean.. when you warm up, you warm up.. It's not like high school PE warm ups, which are the same everyday. When you warm up on the guitar, just ****ing play, get the blood flowing in your fingers, and stuff. 'Pros' dont sit down when they are about to play and say, "alright I gotta play my routine exercise" If you are going to play fast stuff, just warm up on scales and arpeggios SLOWLY.

8. Kids criticize and talk poop other guitarists ALL the time. And of course no one has the balls to say it to their faces live. Decades ago, there were no tabs. They based their guitar on musical notes and by ear. 80%+ of guitarists nowadays can't read universal musical notes (not an accurate percentage) Shredders now are based on tabs and remember notes by numbers.. like 3-5-7. But this isnt for EVERYONE.

9. If youre gonna pick fast, it isnt that hard. Alt pick always. Get used to it. Make it automatic. Lots of people fuss about this too like 'how do you pick fast' Well if you are a good at playing guitar, teaching people that play the guitar for their first time is like a right handed player trying to play left handed; your fingers hurt from the strings and your picking hand isnt strong yet. You can get the best speed by not moving your wrist so much. Getting a thicker pick holding it loose, but not loose that it will fall and just move your wrist up and down, picking the note when your write goes up and down. This is alternate picking. If you get used to this, shake your arm/hand and you could pick the string faster.

Oh and:

If you can play fast, good for you. (aka beginning shredder)
If you can play fast and clean, great. (aka progessive shredder)
If you can play fast, clean, and have rhythm, even better. (aka good shredder)
If you can play fast, clean, have rhythm, know what key youre in, have dynamics, and play beautiful, then that's when you'll be respected. (aka professional shredder like the one's you look up to)

At G3, I forgot which year but the one that Yngwie was there, at the end, he just plays notes of a scale up and down and sweeped arpeggios. Steve Vai and Joe Satriani actually tried to play musically together instead of just random stuff. Therefore people shouldn't say "Yngwie > Vai" because Yngwie can only solo random fast ****.

Steve Vai was a student of Joe Satriani. Satch is too underrated. All you hear nowadays is Yngwie, Buckethead, Michael Angelo Batio, Francesco Fareri, Paul Gilbert, and it goes on. Probably because there are the most videos of them on YouTube and google video

And sorry for this long write up. I bet no one will read all of it. And before you criticize and disagree, you should read it, since its true.

That took a long time lol.

I red all of it, but what is the point of this thread?

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i dont get why you are having dig at tabs,
sure people use them now.

it makes no difference if people can play tab it doesnt mean they cant play the same music as what it is on notes.
you have no point to make there what so ever.
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