i enjoyed that a lot.

i agree the sound could be better. if there was less of the fuzzy distortion and on a cleaner tone to get more of a creamy tone in the intro/rhythm that wouldve been cool. as for the outro again had you used a subtler overdrive than distortion as it sounds that would've been perfect but that was very good.

well done
I liekd it.. very well done

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Nights alone by your side
I liked it; although I have to agree you should work on the tone (it's too fuzzy). And I know this piece is in freetime, but IMO the timing is not always correct. Sometimes you speed up, perhaps you could work with some sort of a clicktrack?

Technically though, I'd have to say: very good!
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some of the timing is a little off, and the distortion is overused in the solo.. but it's played very well.. 8.5 /10

crit 4 crit?

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Dude pretty good so far...But some licks I feel are overused in the parts before the solo...and turn the distortion down...Otherwise, great cover! I liked the solo

EDIT: Dude that solo was amazing! I don't know why but it sounded like something slash would play. Props man. How long've you been playing?
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