Well, how useful are they? is it worth the effort to get one installed? how much would you expect it to cost? cheers
coil taps is when you go into a pickup where the winding wasnt fully completed so you are said to be getting a hotter sound. if you mean coil splitting where you split a humbucker into two to make it sound like a single coil. its only usefull imo if you have a guitar that has two humbuckers. they shouldnt cost alot depending on where you go
there are some other things u can do besides taps and splits,
if ur looking for extra tones at the push of a button.
it just depnds on the guitar u have, like said.

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I've played a Fender telecaster hh with coil taps, and found the tap to be very useful, like when playing layla i could easily switch between clapton's lead tone and allman's tone for everything else, also during stairway to heaven i was able to best that distinctive tele tone until the bit at the end where it is all high gain chords,when i was able to push back down and tame the hum

These are about as hard to install as regular pots, so they are just soldered in, which is very cheap to do if you know a shop that does repairs

the one downside is, if you use the function a lot the knob can start to feel a touch wonky
thanks, yeah I think what I meant was coil splitting, so as to get a sort of single coil sound from a guitar with two humbuckers, thanks a lot anyway