Hey guys, i have been playing electric guitar (playing metal) for about 8 months, and while i'm able to do fairly simple solos e.g enter sandman, back in black, fade to black (95% of it anyway), i'm trying to progress to the next level, but don't know what would be best to practice to help me get there. Any tips? Also i know some music theory and a few scales, would building on my knowledge of that sort of stuff help?
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best way is make a list of techniques your strong with and those your weak with, work on the weaker ones, then search for new techniques once you can do everything you already know. always helps for me
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Alot of those Shred Masterclass vids that Kristofer Dahl is posted on this site seem to be pretty handy. Specifically if you're into playing fast metal style.

It also helps just to learn and practice certain scales. It really depends on where you want to go with it. If you're wanting to be able to improvise leads and what not, a bit of theory helps, but I find you need to jam a fair bit and get use to playing over backing music, even if it's some recording rhythm on repeat on your computer. Then you can develop your own lead licks and from there possible even start writing your own songs.
That's only assuming that you're planning on doing so of course.
that's a good idea tommyt, i'll try that one out, thanks a heap.

EDIT: BTW thanks muggus I'm already writing my own songs, so the answer is yes i do want to go that way, ill check out that video too.
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Get a metronome and practice all the scales you know with it.

Also, play more than just metal. The more you vary what you play, the more experience you get.
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