So a while ago my dad sorta 'passed down' his old accoustic Ibanez to me and I thought it was pretty cool. But just recently I found that it actually seems like a pretty good piece of craftsmanship. Now, it's not mint, but I can tell it's been taken care of and I just wondered if it would be worth getting fixed up (Apart from maybe sentimental value).

Inside the sidehole it has a marker saying:
'Ibanez Concord (model, I wager)
Mark of Quality Instrument
Produced in Japan under strict quality control
Model no. 671'

It's completely natural, seems to have a clear coat though. White w/ some details binding on the top and back of body, and white w/ a black pinstrike binding on neck and headstock. There's a slab of darker wood going down the back. Traditional shape, traditional soundhole, 20 frets, black dotted inlay and a brown/seethrough kinda-swirled pickguard.
No pictures right now, but maybe I could get some if you so desire.

My dad claims he used in when he was about my age (14-16) so it's 35 years old AT LEAST. On closer inspection it's got some dings and dents on the the top, back and neck, obviously.

So, would it be worth getting it fixed up?

Thanks for reading this, best regards.
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imo its always worth revitalising a guitar, however ****/good it is.


But I would just like to some background information on this thing.
Obviously, I'm not gonna get rid of it based on what someone might say here, I'm just interested in when it was built and if it really is as good craftmanship as it seems etc.

Yeah, get it fixed. Alot of natural wood guitars sound better as they age.
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Yeah, get it fixed. Alot of natural wood guitars sound better as they age.

Indeed. I'll probably have a luthier look at it then, thanks.

However, can anyone provide me any background information on the guitar?