their stuff on recording, not just plugging their guitar in, someone whos done Music Tech courses and has produced before? Im trying to gather information on recording rigs to help me with my forum, if you know alot ill make you a mod on my forum if you want....


When you say you recorded vocals two ways, wet and dry, what does that mean?

Can anyone explain these effects and how they can be achieved?

- Analogue Chorus
- Time Sync Delat
- Filtered Feedback
- Stereo Widening
- Compressing
- de-ess'd
- eq'd

Cheers Guys

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Here we go; I?ll give this a shot

Analogue Chorus
Chorus is an effect that impersonates multiple sound bodies. For example, if you have just one vocal track and add a chorus effect, you can make it sound like 3 different singer singing the same part in unison. Analogue just means that it?s a physical piece of hardware, not part of a software program designed for Cubase or whatever program you?re using.

Time Sync Delay
This could mean many things so you?d have to be more specific about what you?re referring to. It could mean that there?s a delay from the time you record something to the time you hear it being reproduced by your speakers/headphones, or that you have several components (preamp, mixer, effects processors) operating at different speeds and it?s causing some hardware not to sync up. Again, it can mean several things

Filtered Feedback
Don?t know, but it sounds like you want to capture some feedback noise (from a guitar amp) but not have it overpowered. Honestly, I don?t know.

Stereo Widening
Stereo widening subtracts the left and right channels from each other, so the ?signals? in those channels are decreased. Similar signals found in both channels are spaced in the middle, creating a ?wider? sound. It?s a delicate balance since widening either the left, right or middle of the field will affect the other fields. Also, panning instruments while stereo widening can result in loss or gain. A multiband stereo widener allows greater control of individual frequency regions.

Compressing is the art of making the audio volume as consistent as possible. It brings low whispers up to the point where you can hear them clearly, and reduces loud screams to bearable levels. Advanced compressing lets you assign a different compressor for different frequencies.

This effect is used to take out the whistling sound that naturally occurs when you pronounce the ?s? syllable, usually by reducing the 7K frequencies.

EQ is the adjustment of different frequencies; you can limit or boost a frequency to your taste.
Iy sounds like filtered feedback is something filters feedback,or elimanating unwamted frequncies (usually very high ones),where did you here of this effect

When someone says there vocals (or anything for that matter) is wet it means they are drenched in effects,dry is no effects added i believe,I'm gonna check that then come back.


if you have any questions just pm me or crazydrummer,or thatpinkqueen
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Crazy Drummer is the man! Seriously dude thanks so much. Can I send you an mp3 which has filtered feedback on it so you may kind of recognise what it is?

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feel free to post your setup, actually please do!

EDIT: also wet= with effects and dry=without effects right?
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Hey no problem, I'm here to help =) I'll be posting my specs on your forums, and yes recording wet means that it's been processed (effects or EQ or anythign at all added to the audio recording).