verse 1
summer comes and ur gone
summer will seem so long
but ill call u on the fone
ill call u on the fone

if i wrote to u would u write back
give me a letter and make me feel
that'll be forever
that'll be forever

ever ever in my heart
ever ever in urs too

this is a lost hope that im trying to keep
a promise to myself that we'll still be
you and me

(verse 2)
you and i were meant for each other
you and i were meant for me
why cant you see that
oh why cant you see

i dont kno wat else to do
cuz i would always turn to u
o im so lost
im so lost

spinning spinning all around
bouncing bouncing up and down



being with you was like a dream come true
who wants to go back i do i do

(chorus) end
music is better ...LOUD
First off, It's much appreciated on these forums if you take the time to write in proper english with correct spelling and grammar. It's easier to read, and just adds an extra bit of class to your posting.

For me, this song was nothing special. It's cliche, there's no outstadning lines, imagery or metephor and it seems very bland. There's far to much repetition in the verses, which is very tedious.

I didn't really get a message or story from it, and can't see what inspired you to write it.

4/10. I'm sorry if I seem too harsh but there's just nothing here that hit the right note for me.
thanks i needed that ill take time to revise
music is better ...LOUD