on my luanchcast station i heard the low spirts of high heeled boys, or whatever its called, and it was awesome, what is some other good traffic...
i love everything by traffic, such a great underrated band! you should check out the album john barleycorn must die, which is the best imo, also traffic is good. also try the blind faith album, which consists of 2 members by traffic and 2 of cream
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I love Traffic, buy their live CD its called like "Live at the Canteena" or something, also the CD Low Spark of the High-Heeled Boys is great
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^^You might be thinking of Welcome to the Canteen.

My favorite Traffic album is On the Road. It's a live album that shows off their more jazz-oriented side and it is absolutely amazing.
On the Road is good, John Barleycorn, Shootout at the Fantasy Factory. Dear Mr. Fantasy is one of their bigger hits, but I haven't listened to that cd too much.
^^It's a good CD, but I believe On the Road will remain my favorite for some time. It's so good. It should be more highly regarded because I think it rivals live CDs such as The Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East.