looking into a new guitar for after i pass my driving test (if i ever pass it). I want a metal-shape guitar with 24 frets, prefered colour: black, active metal pups. Possibly with a trem if so I would like an FR... Budget £300-£400 (would like a guitar cheaper if possible?)

Thanks for the Help
jacksons are really nice also. . .i dont know what the converting of uk to us currency is but if you have enough get a soloist or a dkmg or dxmg
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if its 400 british pounds it works out as a $400 guitar in america cos of inflation here and stuff.

no i dont think so..
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bloody hell you got a good amp. drop the money and get either the ibanez rg1570 prestige or a ESP M-II
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if you have enough get a soloist or a dkmg or dxmg

metal shape?... e.g. Explorer/V