Thanks people.I have updated the file.I just equalized the solo channel, it was kinda trebly for my taste.Now sounds much better imo.
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Quote by Cosmo7
Thanks people.I have updated the file.I just equalized the solo channel, it was kinda trebly for my taste.Now sounds much better imo.

i was actually gonna say that to you about the treble but i didnt wanna get flamed for sayin it

EDIT: sounds much better now
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very nice improvisation there, you can tell where you have...and yet it still works!

Very good.
Pretty good, although I'm not too fond of your tone. What gear are you using?

You took the easy way out on some of the licks, but that's fine, it is a challenging solo. This was pretty good, except for the tone, which started to annoy me; obviously that's not your fault if you have shite gear.

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hey..listening while typing..

work on your bends..some of the bends weren't up to pitch..also work on the cleanliness of your playing, its rather sloppy...the fast run could use some work, as can the rest after that part.

However, it was played pretty well. I just pointed out some stuff you could work on to make it better. Good job man.


Crit for Crit??
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10/10. nothing more.
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that was pretty impressive.. it sounds better now (less trebly) and was pretty well done.. maybe clean up some of the faster runs, and buy a wah! haha


o and btw, ur cover of killin in the name of was reeally good
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very nice.

only thing I can think of is, if you want to match the recording more, IMO you need to try to be more aggressive when you start the fast part.
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Ive listened to a load of ur stuff. And wow. How long you been playing? Frikkin awesome.
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