hi, basically i have started playin guitar, on and off for a while, im sure i have all the kinda basics there to be a pretty good guitarist, but i have a problem and i dont know what im doin wrong. my friends play my guitar and it sounds good, i play it and it sounds awful!
i thought at first it was the guitar, as i brought it kinda cheap and second hand, but my friends as i said seem to play it ok, and if i remember rightly (i was a bit drunk) i played my friends acoustic and it sounded ok, the problem is that like, when im playing its all vibraty and when i change chords it sounds bad, especally on overdrive, ive tryed pushing the strings harder, and lighter, but no difference, any ideas?, any questions feel free to ask me. thanks,
after a while you should get the knack of just playing a guitar in a natural way, so that you can make a crap setup sound bearable. thats why i ofter practice without an amp, to get the feel of a guitar and the resonance of the body + strings.
Yeah, you just need enough practice to get a good feel for the instrument you're playing.
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The vibraty-ness sounds to me like your action is to low, and do you mean there are screeches whenever you slide your fingers around?

Im sure if you think about it you will understand what he means..

1) The vibrating-ness is probally from not holding the frets down properlly, and you are hitting the metal part aswell.. Normally when you are first starting out ( This happened to me ) it will feel slightly weird holding the frets and not natural, and if u are constantly taking long breaks you arent going to pursue the natural feeling of playing guitar.. And when i was first playing i got the vibrating sound and i was agigitated wondering how i can making it not sound like this, but dont worry keep it up and you will have a more consistent sound.

2) The "screeches" is probally you sliding across the strings, you need to learn to be able to take your fingers off certain frets for example and then put it on another set of frets further along the guitar without sliding along the strings.. Eg..

E - 2
A - 3
D - 4



Now im guessing, if you were to play that, You would strum the first set and then you would slide along to the next and strum.. Well you'll need to learn to be able to lift your fingers off the first set and goto the next set just as quick.. This is just a example..

Mainly i think the problem is that you need to have a consisitent effort towards your guitar playing if you want to develop a Natural Feeling for playing, and a guitar teacher would help.

Hope this helps