I have a schecter blackjack and a solid state crate xt120r amp. I am planning on upgrading within the next few months. I've been playing for about 3 months now. For my birthday, in sept. i was thinking of getting a new amp possibly selling my amp i have now to go towards getting a tube amp. I was thinking of getting a Peavey or a Mesa. However, i was also thinking of getting the schecter hellraiser FR, would it soudn ok with my crate amp or would it be better to get a new tube amp and later on down the road get the hellraiser fr?
don't upgrade, for only playing for three months you have incredible gear. I would probably wait a little longer to make sure you're really interested in playing guitar and don't just get bored of it after a few more months.
Well down the road I would upgrade your amp because a new guitar won't sound that much greater on that amp. Because I did the same thing, I own the same Crate amp. I would get a new amp first.
Amp first. Always go with the amp first.
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