Hey there, this is my first piece of poetry i've posted on here. I've got a few more pieces i wrote quite recently but i haven't written for years.. only just started again. Anyways.. criticism is greatly appreciated.

Open your eyes, what d'ya see there?
Everything drifting without a care?
And open your ears, hear that sound?
The noise of millions people looking around.

"Just hold on, pull through"
But you could begin to fall.
You could hold your head high,
But does it really matter at all?

Mother, you've lost your son today.
But does it mean that others will pay?
Father, you can close your eyes
But does it mean that it'll all go away?

Drifting, out into the sea.
Floating, so carelessly.
Mother, I can look at people now
but why can't they see me?
Father, helping others isn't a crime
Is it?
Or is it just a waste of time?

Questions drift like wood,
Staying afloat like it should.

"Don't you know beer makes you stupid?" "No I'm... doesn't"