I have a solo performance for my GSCE coming up in about a fortnight which I am playing classical guitar and the nail on my index finger has just broken, does anyone have any suggestions for something that will speed up the growth of it, or will it grow back in time?
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That's the problem with kids today. No upper body strength.
Back in my day, when you smashed a guitar, it stayed smashed.

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Haha I had the state competiton like 2 weeks ago and the exact same thing happened to me. If it just peeled and has a tear in it you can go to a pharmacy and buy some nail glue. That's what I did for my thumb, as it didn't completely break. But if it is completely gone then my recommendation is get a fake nail put on. I think there are do-it-yourself things if you don't want people to give you funny looks at a shop. And if you can't find one of those kits then just go to a shop and bring a girl or your mom with you so you don't as strange, if you even care, which you shouldn't. I don't think it will grow back in time unless you play with really short nails.
I broke my thumbnail a couple of day ago playing basketball and nearly cried. It didn't completely break, there's just enough to play with. If my index nail broke i'll go crazy.

Anyway - there are slip on, fake nails you can get, though I've never used one, go to your guitar shop and ask - there's no shame. Alternatively do what morgzilla said.

I had all of the white part of my nail rip off once, and some of the flesh too. A week before my first recital.

What did I do?

I glued that sucker back on lol.

Layers and layers of nail glue \m/
My God, it's full of stars!