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Can I kiss You Reaper?
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Love And Loss
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The words didn't stay under lined when i copy pasted them and i don't have enough time to go through and do it myself, it was mostly for me to make sure that the writer used all the words.


Creeping through the night, I stick my hand into my quiver
I knock my arrow, and slowly begin to shiver
Why must I play this dangerous game
My burning hatred for you is engulfed in flame

As I track you down with deadly haste
I wonder what it will feel like when you take a taste
Of sweet death, the ultimate drink

Can God forgive, as my heart has become black
I?ll commit this deed, and never look back

It seems such a crime to defile your soul
To plunge into your life, and leave a gaping hole
But what you did cannot be forgiven
My hatred is weaved like a tightly wrapped ribbon

This day shall be hallowed and feared with great power
On this day your demise draws closer by the hour
Unfortunate for you, our paths shall cross
And when I am through, you?ll see whose the boss

Not much longer now, I come with my bow, the deadly warrant of arrest
And when I reach you on the veranda
Your soul shall be put to permanent rest

I see your house and my mouth longs deaths taste
I?ll charge through your door with rapid haste
I?ll carve your future; I?ll set it in stone
With the tip of my arrow, piercing your bone

Can I Kiss You Reaper?

I dined with the reaper long ago, near
Where the Willamette?s trickles flowed,
And whilst the rain did patter softly,
As I remember, we started on our meal. And
We spoke in tongues I?ve never tread,
Speech blindly soaked in kerosene-well,
As the carved wick dwindled down we drank our wine.

And this is how we spent the meal,
And we both did sit the whole meal through,
He talked of times long passed and gone and
I nodded in rhyme with his crossed burning eyes.

But when I asked him what became of life
He slowly stood to take his leave, and
His rosy black locks of flame and robe of quivering fame,
Waved away under existence?s veranda, and he
Faded away into the hallowed
Streets below, past where the Willamette?s rapids flowed.

So I never got the chance to kiss his lips,
And now natural splendor is but a defiled myth.

??Tis a shame? said I ??Tis a shame?
?That a being so beautiful
Warrants such beauty;
and now the beauty is gone.?

Love and Loss

Across the hallowed room
Carved from love and former scars
But opened up from a sea of eyes.
I still see her gaze from outside...
I still see her quivering from the thought
Of that night out on the verandaWhen she got more than she expected.
What could warrant this?
Just a kiss... Just a kiss...
Defile me, Defile me,
But please, oh please, don't lie to me.
In rapid motions.
Take it fast. Take it slow.
I will play the martyr for you,
I'll take up your cross.
The flame fades to black then shimmers back.


I sat within the confides of the veranda off the back of the hotel in downtown New York. The skyline was just barely visible from the angle I was at. The sun going down to the left of me certainly warranted a second look as it hit each building exactly the same. I quivered in chills at what I saw. The skyline was engrossed in thick flames.Rapidly firemen defiled around the area, engraving the streets with hoses. Hours passed and the sunset grew into a sunrise. This time the light hit the hallowed out buildings with a black shine. No one survived the blaze, and bodies still lay crossed in the streets today.


I know the end,
Because im witnessing it,
You label me blind,
Because of my stubborn state of mind
Why must I watch this?
The world is carving signs for salvation
I quiver, defiled and degraded,
While my veranda, my loved ones, and my belongings,
all diminish

My intentions are getting blurry,
A warrant for my altering,
is my heart, a blackish-gray

I know the end,
Because I'm fabricating it,
You label me hallow,
For my rapid change of heart
Desecration crosses my mind
The world's up in flames, deprived and desolate
while my Life, my sky, and my
all diminish


Your veranda of arrogance hides you from my eyes
but blackened angels will feast on your pride
Fear is their warrant, pain is their judge
Death will be no alibi

The hunter's approaching, your life's on the line
the bolt's in the quiver, for now you can hide

Defiling what I used to call my own
This pain must be extinguished with your soul.

A rapid descent in your state of affair
Crawling back for the pity you crave
A line crossed all feelings destroyed
Carved from stone but you died all the same

The flames of this vengeance are now my own pyre
No-one escapes unscarred from these fires

Consuming what I used to call my soul
My hollow corpse, gutted and alone.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?
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wow, you really wanted a gothic theme for this contest didnt you Further?

ug, these are all pretty good, I dont know who to vote for... I'll update you guys lated on my choice.
damn it.... I forgot to use "flame" in my piece perspective...

please don't exclude me from the contest... just replace "decaying" in the 6th line of the 3rd stanza with "up in flames",

I have chosen brown, although there are some very close writings that should I would give an ancillary prize.
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actually YOU SUCK

"I once read a poem, held my breath
But that moment's gone
First time I felt life, somewhat hurts
Need an option and some hope "

Anders Fridén
All good, but in the end I kissed the reaper.
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
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