Not sure at all... this was composed as it goes in Cubase at about 3 am this morning.

Its about 2 minutes, and uses 3 guitar tracks. You'll notice bass on there too, and i really dunno where that came from, as i was really drunk and don't remember what toneport settings i used.


Its called 'Oh Man' and the name i release it under is 'Lights and Noises'
sounding groovy. i like the hanging solo notes over the english distortion riff.
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cheers, annoys me that i can't remember how i made it tho.

yeah i have 100 recorded songs on my computer and i didn't write any of them down so i have no idea how to play half of them... every song i have written i have cheap recordings of since i started playing.

Its psychedelic sounding. Reminds me of the band called the Sounds of Animals Fighting and their new album, "lover the lord has left us."