What's everyones opinions on the valve king combo? I'm thinking of buying it off ebay, but I've heard both good and bad things about it. Is it worth buying, or should I pass? (I plan on playing everything from Punk to Rock and Metal, and will be buying an overdrive pedal when I get the amp)
Why don't you go to a shop and play one before you buy?
So then you'll know what you're buying into.
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Thats my problem. I live in a pretty small town. The closest stores are 45 minutes away, both of which are pretty crappy. They carry the -worst- gear ever. The better stores are 3 hours away, so I can't really just go to try them out, though I would like to do that.
Alright then, well, I've heard they're great for classic rock etc, and sound very nice for the price, but I haven't actually played one, this is just what friends have said.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
Yeah I've heard they're pretty good for classic rock, but will need an overdrive pedal for high gain. Thats no problem for myself though.

I also heard though that the speakers are crappy though, can anyone verify this?
the valveking is a great mid watt starter-intermediate tube amp. My experience with it has been good and for the price your not gonna find much else.

the 212 was a strong competitor against my fender hot rod deluxe when I bought it.
Its a great tube amp, my friend has it and it sounds great
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i haven't owned one, so it might break down after 15 minutes.

but i thought it was pretty decent for the price. I preferred the classic 30 (about £100 more, though), but for slightly higher gain, the valveking was better (the classic 30 was just about hitting maiden, and struggling, with it). And was better for different styles too.

The clean was pretty good, actually. Fendery, while not being just as good. Pristine, kinda.

Overdrive: pretty good, but when you turned it up too far, it started to mud up. Ironically, for higher gain, it sounded better with the gain a little lower, and the boost engaged, than with the gain higher and the boost disengaged. Strange, but there you go- it didn't get muddy as quickly.

It won't really do modern metal (it may with an EQ/OD) though- 80's metal/90's grunge is kinda where it starts to struggle.

And I didn't get to crank it.

So yeah, thumbs up, pretty much, as long as you can get to try it, and assuming the reliability is ok.
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it's real good amp, definetly needs a new speaker, and thats the main reason ppl say it isnt good is becus the speaker is pretty bad but with a new one it rocks
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