I've been asking alot of questions about gear for hardcore music...if it's getting annoying then i'm sorry. i'm just trying to get the best and not get ripped off...i've recently saw that norma jean plays through randall amps and i want to sound like that but the esp's that they use are way to expensive so i've decided to get a squier tele but the amp is undecided and i was wondering if a randall will give the hight gain and othe features i need to play hardcore

Check the amp out!
Dont get a squier tele for guitar, how much is a squier tele? like 200-250 bucks? Save some money for guitar, maybe an Rg321, new they run around $275, but definately not a squier, as for amps, i dont know where to suggest. Whats your overall price range?? seeing that you'd spend 500 dollars for the half stack
i don't want to spend more than 600 for an amp...and i don't want to spend more that 200 for a guitar...I know there are some ibanez guitars out there but i've always been a fan of the tele but if an ibanez would be better them i might consider them

Well no more than 200 is ok, but id definately get a guitar w/ humbuckers since you play hardcore music. go for an agile then, maybe http://www.rondomusic.net/al2000blkgd.html that one for 200, certainly better than the squier or you can choose a better color that suits ur style http://www.rondomusic.net/electricguitar-ss3.html its all personal preference

O yeah and you could also check out the explorer http://www.rondomusic.net/gg2.html
suppose to be a very good guitar
that randall wont be too good i can tell you. if you get a half stack for 500 it wont be of high quality. besides stacks are hard to carry around so a combo would be a better idea.