It's better to save up for a guitar with a whammy then to cut into your guitar.
I wouldn't **** with that guitar, its gorgeous as it is
get a whammy pedal instead
the digitech whammy has a pitch shifter in it aswell, so you may aswell get that
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If you feel like busting out the tools and routing for a Floyd Rose or FR equivalent, sure. Or you could buy a Kahler.
I will show you something different from either
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I wouldn't touch it, I agree with Bruce6144, save up for a guitar with it
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It uses the same holes that your the bridge piece with the saddles uses.

If you have a tele style, you have to shim the neck, but it should use the same mounting holes also.
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I think you would have to screw 2 mounting screws into the body unfortunately. It should use your existing bridge height adjustment holes though.

If you had a regular stoptail, it would work with the existing holes, but not with a string through.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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I don't know, but I dig it!
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check out stewmac.com there's a type of whammy bar that you just put on top of your tailpiece i believe
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Indie_Libertine is right, it would be easier to just buy a whammy pedal.
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i love bigsby's lol! one'd look wicked on that AX.

but unless you're dying and orgasming from the mouth at how awesomly good the ax is, you might as well save up for a better guitar that comes with one.
Omar Rodriguez of the Mars Volta has a FR on his AX. Go ahead and get one. I think it'd look killer.
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