Hey, well you might know from my other thread im going to start customizing my guitar soon. But the one stupid thing i don't know how to do is get the pick gaurd off?
So what is the properway for me to take the pick gaurd off and how should I take off the volume and tone knobs?
alright, unscrew all the screw around the edg,e but dont touch teh ones by the pickups or the switch, and the tone and volume knobs should just pop off
well, if it is just like a strat, you just unscrew the screws in the pickguard, and the knobs and stuff will pull out with it. otherwise the pots drop into the cavity of the guitar
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Well even before you guys posted I realized thats what your suppose to do. Now im wondering about the wiring i can see the wire going to the jack but one just goes off to no where really and connects to a metal play in the back. I am wondering its purpose