Here it is... I've only been playing 9 months.. so I probably shouldn't have attempted it.. I hate ruining a song just as much as the next guy . So you know.. I screwed up terribly in the small sweep section and my crappy mic really took away from my tone.. it makes it sound tinny... now with out any further excuses, here.
The intro to far beyond the sun
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Nice tone, sounded slightly off, but that might just be the quality.

I was amazed by the actually lick, it was damn good for how long you've been playing, not perfect, but probably better then me, and i've been playing 2 years.
AFter that, unsure notes and bad bends ruined it, but oh well. Nice stuff for at least half of that.
I agree with what's been said, that's damn good considering how long you've been playing. I didn't even attempt it until I had been playing for four years.