ok yeah so i posted the first part of my instrumental thing a few weeks ago, and everyone seemed to love it. well ive worked on the second part, and im really lovin how it sounds. Its under my band's name, but the whole thing was written and recorded by me.


its called "Instrumental 5-21 Final"

im not sure if this is gonna be the very final draft or if this song has more to say, but as of now this is what ive got. any questions, you can PM me or post in here
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wow this is great, great chorus, awesome.

thanks, it took a long time to find the perfect tone for every part of this song

37 views, 1 reply? come on, i worked hard on this
I gotta say, I really enjoyed that. Smooth, mellow, chilling kind of music. 10/10, I really couldn't find any problems with it, technically or otherwise. Keep it up!

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wow, thanks a lot man. i took a lot of care in making sure there were no sour notes or bad timings that would interrupt the flow. ive also been picking and choosing the right tones for about a week. this is probably my best work so far, so im glad you enjoyed it as well
It sounds like something that would be on late 80's/early 90's movie with an undercover detective who has just found out that his cooperative has been killed by the suspect, and he sits alone in his house to have a drink, or something of the nature...

about 1:30 when the jazzish chords come in , the second chord in the progression doesn't sound right...maybe it is just me. But overall this is a very nice piece. I can tell you put a decent effort into making it.
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interesting criticism there... any aspiring filmmakers out there, i have rights to this song, so keep your greasy paws of it

thanks for the positive feedback guys, keep em coming (i need an ego boost )
honestly, this is a masterpiece jam song

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honestly, this is a masterpiece jam song

alrightm so ive got "masterpice", "rad" and "like its from an 80's detective movie". thanks a lot man
not something i would listen to but yeah its nice and tunefully for the ear. i do like the lead guitar tone very bluesy indeed and cool peice of music for the genre.
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liked it, posted a comment on dmusic i think earlier. good stuff man
sounds pink floydish, very nice job, pretty sweet
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thanks a lot guys. if you want to comment on it, please do so on the MySpace instead, since i rarely check the Dmusic except when posting here or showing people music that doesnt fit on the myspace. thats in the siggy.

again, tahnks guys. i appreciate the comments on teh tone, i worked hard on that