i'v seen this before, and my band wants to try it, so i need to know...do u have to get some kind of special mic or somthing that wont pick up the drums or what?

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Some dynamic microphones (such as the Shure PG/SG 58) don't pick up sounds not directly into them, so they wouldn't pick up drums. However, seeing as your drums will be playing at the same time as the vocals, I don't see a problem?
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

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i dunno about the rest
bands like atreyu do stuff like that....
it goes against the whole 'drummers can't be frontmen' myth so I think its ok

and yeah, Shure PGs are pretty good, my music shop stocks them and I saw this guy trying one out on a pearl kit
it sounded pretty good, considering he was playing pretty heavily
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Don Henley sang lead in Eagles didn't he?
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Don Henley sang lead in Eagles didn't he?

I was just about to mention that
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Yes he did. I believe so?
So does mike portnoy of dream theater (although hes not a lead singer, he is an honorable mention)

and numerous newer bands like atreyu and underoath
And Death From Above 1979
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Ever heard of the fantastic Jellyfish?

And of course, Ringo did for multiple songs, and we're just seeing a new band, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders

You can just use a regular microphone, but of course you'll need a boom mic stand to adjust the height.
ya Don Henly is the most noteable mention i think
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Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders. Taylor sits at the front of the stage, does lead vocals, and (naturally) plays the living crap out of the drums. I believe he had a Shure mic when I saw them on TV.
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My band's drummer sings. He just uses a dynamic mic. A boom stand will be needed so you can have the mic stand out of the drummer's way.
you might want to invest into a headset mic later too though, just so he can move around a little more and still singing, because i know how that is...
I couldn't imagine having the cordination to, but it's perfectly fine.
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Also Roger Taylor from Queen sings and plays drums at the same time.
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Guitar Hero says "Dont give the drummer a mic, it will only end up in tears" lol sounds true, but make sure your drummer has a higher maturity than the frontman and youll be fine