I have a black Epiphone EJ-200 lying around, and it has some light surface scratches

and lots of heavier scratches on the pickguard. I heard that if I take it to a luthier, these

damages could be repaired? If so, does anyone know a good luthier around West L.A.?

Leave it as it is. Better still; add more scratches. It's called relic and it's cool. There are luithiers dedicating their entire careers to converting brand new shiny guitars into heaps of worn out rubbish. It's the hot trend right now, so why should you go the opposite way?
Still it is a good thing to know a place to go for having a set up done, buy parts and getting sound advise, but I'm afraid I can't help you there. Sorry.
What's the big deal about a few scratches? It means you play your guitar. That or rape it. Unlike Marcel Veltman said, don't worry about what the trend is, just don't waste your money on something like this. I can't put my finger on who said this, but I heard or read somewhere this dude saying: "A guitar without scratches is a guitar that hasn't been loved."
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"A guitar without scratches is a guitar that hasn't been love."

I think he is right the more beat up it looks the more ppl will know that u play and it just doesnt sit around without any use
The repairs tend to cost more than the guitar is worth. If repairs are going to cost more than one-third of the guitar's cost, then it makes no sense to fix it.
Refinishing the guitar will make it sound compleatly different. If you like the way the guitar sounds then don't refinish it. If you don't like they way it sounds then it doens't make sence to spend the $200 or more that it's going to cost to refinish it. If you really want it refinished and you don't like the way it sounds then you best bet is to try and do a refinish yourself.
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