yo. how's everybody doing.

anyone who wants to, check out some songs I wrote.
they are at www.myspace.com/rhodesjason
I wrote faith, full circle, and truth of a kautious beginning.
sail away is a david grey song

let me know what you think


woke up to shining sun, what a beautiful place
rolled outta bed, with a smile on my face
out the door wandering, through his majesty and grace
and i am one.

woke up to pouring rain, its seems like everyone's smile is on vacation
soaking wet i stand in a, empty parking lot
and I, have a feeling that I know
what you're thinking about me

but you just might be surprised, when you look into these eyes
and you just might see the sun

I am one with the clouds
one with the rain
one with the smiles, and I'm
one with the pain

all you have to do is, find your place
where the wind is always at your back and the
sun is always on your face

Truth of a Kautious Beginning

I know we just met, and all this is new
but I've got a good feeling about you.
How will you ever know?
or will i ever show,

Will I walk away,
not get myself in too deep.
ah, but who am I kidding,
I'm already in over my feet.

you show up at my house,
hang out for a while,
i can't take my eyes
off your pretty smile.

But will I send you home,
not get in too deep.
the waters rising,
up above my knees

time goes by
you're always on my mind

then late one night,
you show up after work
with a pillow to spend the night.
but is this right?

I'm going to wake up from this bed,
so far in over my head.

so I hold you for a while,
and I can't seem to rid this smile,
from my face.
oh, what brought you to this place.
cause now I'm drowning,
drowning in your love.
yea i'm drowning
but i'm gonna learn to swim