hey this is like the Song Game, but for only pop punk songs. i saw the Punk/Ska band game, and i thought it would be a good idea for this forum.
im pretty sure there isnt one for this forum, and if im wrong, im sorry.

ok. this is gonna sound REALLY confusing, cuz i cant explain rules for ****.
the rules are: one person types in a song, and the band. now the last letter of that song, somebody has to type in a song with the same 1st letter, as the last letter of the last band. and another person goes on from that.

for example:

Post #1-
The Girl Next Door (Blink 182)

Post #2-
Reeko (NOFX)

Post #3-
One Of My Lies (Green Day)

im sorry if that is really confusing

ill start
Letters To God (Box Car Racer)
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so how does this game work?
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