Would this be worth buying? £50 seems pretty good and seeing as it usually costs £130 i would expect it to be fairly high quality, has anybody used one or would like to give any input. If i didn't buy this I wouldn't be buying any effects pedals or anything like that so please no recommendations to other products. Also could someone thoroughly explain to me what exactly it does As far as I can tell its basically lots of pedals all built into one.

There's more about it here: http://www.digitech.com/products/rp100.htm
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I wouldn't say good quality but if you only wanna use it in your basement it would be an interesting to play with effects, but not a thing to use live, single effects are always way better than multi effects pedals.
I read some of the reviews on UG, however they all pretty much contradicted themselves. Some said the sounds was great, others said it was bad. Some said it was really reliable, others said it was bad....... Has anyone out there used one or could advise me on whether to buy it or not?