just started listeng to them this past week cause im a huge fan of arch enemy and michael and christopher amotts guitar work, great metal band, any fans here?, thoughts , oppinions on them.....

if you havent heard them.....

Spirtual Beggars: Angel Of Betrayal
Thats my favourite song by them, from what i've heard.

I've got the Demons album with the bonus Live CD. It's cool stuff. Well worth what I paid for it (£4 lol).
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I've only heard one song by Spiritual Beggars, dont remember its name.

The song was alright, but Arch Enemy and Grand Magus (JB the vocalist's other band) and better IMO. Then again, i'm saying that from hearing one song....
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YES! Love these guys. Demons is an awesome album.
Anyone heard Spice's (ex SB vocalist) current band The Mushroom River Band? I think they tip slightly towards stoner rock rather than stoner metal, but good nonetheless.
good stuff. michael amott rules!
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