ok, so i have a Westfield Strat copy which was my first guitar. Since then i have bought a couple of guitars which made me realise how terrible the guitar is. I dont want to throw it out so i would like to attempt to make the strat playable.

First of all the neck only has 21 frets which is a problem because i like the extra room of a 22 or 24 neck guitar when playing high on the neck and i like my action to be low (just enough to be able to bend 2 frets up) which makes bending to a high e almost impossible from the 21st fret without breaking the string.

Secondly the finish on the back of the neck is way to sticky which makes it much harder to move around the fretboard.

So i would like to know i can just buy a new neck for the guitar and put it on and how you can tell if the neck is suitable for the guitar.

Once i have a new neck i would then work on the sound of the guitar but there is no piont in doing that yet if the guitar isnt playable.
First of all: stop being a pussy, and get some heavier strings which don't snap. After a while your fingers will be strong enough so you can bend the heavier strings 2 frets or more.

Get some steelwool and rub the back of the neck; just make sure you cover the pickups so no metal fragments will stick to them.
Most Strat necks are interchangeable.
For the sticky neck though, just scruff up the finish with some steel wool or high grit sandpaper.
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