hey i have a question.........

i have been a christian my whole life, yet i listen to alot of metal( well i would say 45% of what i listen to ) has a satanic message, i.e., slayer, deathspell omega, behemoth, any balck metal for that matter, and im always told that since i listen to music that has a satanic message, im must therefore be a satanist....even my parents are weird about it.......any other christians ever been in this postiton? cause i seem to be the only one, atleast where i live.......
Satanist metal doesn't exist. All metallers are Catholic. Any lyrics mentioning satanism are about pwning it, not embracing it.


Why should music affect your beliefs?

/waits for thread to be closed.

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I'm a christian, and metal is far and away my favorite genre of music. I don't agree with most of the messages that most of the bands portray or write about, but I like the music and that's all that matters. I couldn't care less about what the singer is screaming about, I just love the crazy solos and riffs.