I just scored a Vox V847 with true bypass mod on ebay for £56.

I'm thinking about adding a DC input so I dont have to run a battery (will be a pain in the arse to change batteries aswell as I screw my pedals down, however I cant find anywhere which will tell me how to do this? Where can I find out? I want to just add a standard boss style 9V jack like found on most pedals. I did some searches and cant find any sites that will offer any mod schematics atall!

I may also need to replace the pot, as its 2 years old so I'm worried it may be scratchy, if this is the case, where in the UK may I purchase a good replacement and is it as simple as replacing a pot in a guitar for example?

Cheers for any help
The pot is an easy replacement, but it might not be necessary; try out the pedal first.

Not sure about the DC mod though.
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The DC mod is very easy...do you want a diagram drawn up?
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