i have stock epihpone elitist pickups on a les paul theyr not as much crap as the reg epihpone ones, these are made by "gibson" but anywho they get very muddy with distortion and its hard to pickout notes while playing chords or fast passages. Im using a vox ad100vt, i was thinking of getting a 57 classic plus or a sd sh-4 jb. Since this is a solid state or "hybrid" amp would i heard much difference in the sound because form what i know u hearthe most diiference when u change pikcups on tube amps.
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yeah those make most EMGs sound bad on a SS there great pups on a SS and tube
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other than that what would u recommend for a greenday, blink 182 tone?
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ur an idiot, what purpose did that post have in relation to the forumn?
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