Hello.. First time visiting the bass forum. I have a Peavey Fury bass guitar. My brother got this from a friend 3 years ago for 200?. The serial is 05927630. I'd like to know how good it is. Is it just a starter bass or really worth keeping?

I hardly play it myself but it's been around for a while now and it's the only bass I've played so I have nothing to compare with. I should put new strings on it 'cause I don't think anyone has changed them in years. The action is pretty high because there was some string buzz and my brother decided to adjust the neck by opening the bolts and I don't know what he did but it ain't straight (with the body) like it should. We didn't know that adjusting the truss rod could have fixed the buzz. The tone knob isn't on because it fell off and I don't have an allen key that small. And the jacks nut (?) is missing.

Anyway, here are some pics

Puula? Nyt meni ohi.

Yeah I know it's handmade, that's what caught my attention. I found a manual for it on the Peavey website ( http://www.peavey.com/media/pdf/manuals/80301554.pdf ) and it says:


- Western poplar body
- Select rock maple neck
- Maple fingerboard
- 8" radius neck with 21 nickel-silver frets
- 1.5" topnut width
- Graphlon topnut
- One split-coil humbucking pickup
- One volume; one tone control
- Adjustable steel bridge
- Chrome hardware
- Extra deep forearm and rib-cage contour for maximum comfort
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Chances are you have one sweet bass on your hands, bro. And i guess it's worth a lot more than 200 Euro.
Ok, sorry to bump an old thread like this but I've been thinking about selling this bass. How much should I ask for it? 200-300€? There's one on ebay and the buy it now price is $299.
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Possibly the best jazz bass copy ever.

it resembles a jazz so much that it even mimics a P bass too! how extraordinary!
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Possibly the best jazz bass copy ever.

Yeah....jazz bass....right....
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